Mountain View Farms

In 1992, Roger Jefferson started Mountain View Farms in Chatham, VA with only 53 cows.  Throughout 2003, the farm went through an extensive expansion and added a 50 Stall Rotary parlor and a Direct Load system with three bays.  Today we are able to milk approximately 2,500 cows every day.  The old parlor is still in working condition and provides special attention to cows that may be under the weather.

Mt. View Farms

2625 Oxford Road
Chatham VA 24531
(434) 927-4447

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To ensure our cows are the most comfortable, we provide each one their own soft bed of recycled sand.  Barns are also equipped with fans and misters to help cows deal with the heat of the summer.  Because we believe in conservation and environmental stewardship, we also compost solids so nothing on the farm goes to waste.  Mountain View currently farms about 3,300 acres of land with corn and over 1,000 acres of pasture and hay.  Mountain View’s future plans include improving Production Efficiencies and Milk Quality by utilizing our workforce through continuous learning, working smarter and growing with technology and innovation.