In 2007, Cobblestone Milk Cooperative Inc. headquartered in Chatham, VA began with a group of local family owned dairy farms. Cobblestone’s idea was to provide the Southeast, a challenging climate, with some of the highest quality milk available in the American Market. Since 2007, this idea has come to life because a group of farmers dared to be different.

Cobblestone’s members have tremendous dedication to quality which provides an atmosphere for progress. Collectively our family farms are the engine that keep the wheels turning by monitoring their processes and quality daily. Along with participating in the “FARM” program, Cobblestone members partake in a rigorous four-part audit process including TMR, Parlor, Natural Resource, and Animal Care. This provides our customers with a path-proven approach to see how and where our milk is produced. We believe that focusing on quality with attention to detail provides a healthy environment for our animals, neighbors, and customers; it is the pathway to a better future.

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